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I use my Soundcloud as a way to work out more obscure and experimental ideas while also challenging myself on the guitar and trying different techniques (although I usually try to at least include a guitar solo or two). All tracks are made using Reaper. Guitars and bass are recorded live in my home studio while drums and all other effects are MIDI.

I am currently building up my YouTube channel centered around my classical guitar playing. I will be posting videos of pieces in the classical guitar repertoire as well as my own arrangements of modern songs.

AHTCK is  a Los Angeles based heavy metal band I have been a part of since 2015. We focus on exciting live shows with post apocalyptic themes. For the past 8 years the band has been a staple act at Wasteland Weekend, an annual post apocalyptic themed festival in the Mojave Desert. We are currently finishing up our first full length album.

Performing at Wasteland Weekend

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